CPAC: Pillars of Democracy October 16, 2017

Tweet A panel discussion on the totally manageable, not-at-all unwieldy topic of “THE JUSTICE SYSTEM”. Fun, though. Link

CTV Powerplay Interview on 2017 Fall SCC Term

Tweet Here’s a recent interview with Don Martin of CTV Power Play about the upcoming fall term at the Supreme Court of Canada.  Which includes some barnburner cases on freedom of religion, criminal law and….beer!  Not to mention the pesky task of appointing both a puisne judge, and a new Chief Justice.  Good times. Link ...

“Defining Canada by Its Constitution” – Article in Policy Magazine for Canada 150

Tweet Here’s an article I wrote for a special issue of Policy Magazine celebrating the 150th anniversary of Canadian Confederation. Link

CBC Ottawa Morning: Judges and Personality Aug 24 2017

Tweet The day after Donald Trump won the election, a Hamilton area judge strolled into the courtroom with a by-then iconic “Make America Great Again” hat on his head.  Bernd Zabel ultimately apologized, but that wasn’t enough to stop dozens of complaints about him being filed with the Ontario Judicial Council. On August 23, the ...

June 16: The continuing saga of trial delays – R v Cody

Tweet On June 16th the Supreme Court issued a ruling on the Charter right to trial within a reasonable time.  This has been a white-hot issue in Canada since the Court’s July 2016 ruling in  R. v. Jordan,  where a starkly divided panel decided to institute numerical caps on trial proceedings, following which any further ...

The retirement of Chief Justice of Canada Beverley McLachlin

Tweet On June 12, the Chief Justice of Canada (the longest-serving in Canadian history and the first woman to so serve) announced that she will retire on December 15, 2017.  The date is some eight months prior to her 75th birthday and, while not out of left field, still caught some of us by surprise. ...

Interview with Zoomeradio on Senator Don Meredith: May 3, 2017

Tweet I recorded this interview a few days before Meredith decided to resign. My portion begins around the 14 minute mark. Link